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Wahoo!! 🥳 It sounds like you don't have the mother wound!

Want to learn how to be an amazing ally to mother wound survivors? Read this informative blog article.


Looking for help for a loved one who’s been impacted by the mother wound? Check out our founder Stephi Wagner, MSW’s mother wound counseling services by clicking here.


Meet Reclaim!

Stephi Wagner, MSW's 60-day mother wound healing journal is here! If you like what Stephi shares on Instagram, you won't want to miss this. Mother wound recovery here you come!

reclaim - 60-day mother wound journal
Image by Nathan Fertig

Mother Wound Counseling

Looking for a counselor who specializes in the mother wound that you can meet with from the comfort of your own home? Mother Wound Project founder Stephi Wagner, MSW sees individuals, families, couples, and mother-child pairs in her practice from all around the world. With Stephi’s highly sought-after expertise her clients achieve lasting mother wound recovery.


Get the expert support and tools you need to heal the mother wound.

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Breakthrough Course

Ready to leverage what you already know to put your mother wound behind you — in under two hours a week?

Resource Library

Looking for the most well-loved hub for all things mother wound resources on the interwebs? Good news! You found it, friend. Whether you’re looking to learn any and everything mother wound, snag a new read from our bookshelf, listen to our favorite podcast episodes, or get nerdy with us over in the research, it’s all here for you.


At the Mother Wound Project we are committed to improving the lives of mother wound survivors and their families. We do this by making mother wound recovery education and resources accessible and affordable so anyone who knows what it's like to carry pain or trauma from their relationship with their mom can get the help they need to live beyond the mother wound.


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