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Trio to Season (Individual, Parent)

Trio to Season (Individual, Parent)


Use this option to transition from Trio to Season. (Individual, Parent)


Season Transition Description:


9 Weekly 50-Minute Sessions - via phone or video

• Up to Three 20-Minute Lifelines - via phone or text

• Fully Electronic Paperwork - no need to print anything

• 24/7 Messaging With Me - reach out anytime

• Self-Mothering Exercises - practice what you're learning

• Customized Assessments - receive feedback from me

• Unlimited Guest Sessions - bring a loved one anytime

  • Scheduling and Returns

    Sessions never expire. These sessions should be helpful for you. So if you are sick, double-booked, have a sick loved one or just aren't up to it you can reschedule! (Even at the last minute) You can read more about our return and refund policy at

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