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“I wasn’t sure what to expect from mother wound counseling but my sessions with Stephi have been transformative. I knew things with my mom and I weren’t perfect, but I had really underestimated how her parenting was still effecting me all these years later. I’ve been an adult for awhile now, but for the first time I actually feel able to be my true self and live my life on my terms.”

“I cannot thank Stephi enough. When I started working with her my adult daughter had recently ended our relationship and I was beside myself with grief. Although I knew Stephi specialized in mother-child relationships and that she had helped many other parents in my situation, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was even a little worried she would think I was a bad mother. What I found was why Stephi is so good at what she does. She listened to me - like really listened - and took my concerns seriously. And she knew so much about what I was going through with my daughter. I finally didn’t need to explain myself over and over like I did with the previous two therapists I’d tried. Stephi brings this beautiful fusion of compassion and truth-talking. Even when she shared some hard truths with me about changes I needed to make to reconnect with my daughter, I never once felt judged by her as she was just so full of compassion for me and my situation. Now I tell every other parent I know who’s going through something with their adult child to thank me later and just work with her.”

“Stephi takes the time to listen and really understand what families are going through. We all felt so heard and understood by her even though all 5 of us met with her at the same time!”

“I have nothing but good things to say about the Mother Wound Project. When I found out you could attend sessions with the actual founder, I was so excited! I knew how much the MWP had already helped me, so I knew working one-on-one with the woman who started it all would be amazing and I was right. Stephi is absolutely incredible. Not only is she super knowledgeable about all things mother wound, she is really patient and understanding. I credit her with giving me the support and guidance I needed to finally heal my mother wound so I could move forward and really live my life.”

“Stephi is world-class! If you are dealing with the mother wound and any of the mental health problems it can cause, do yourself a favor and schedule a session with Stephi. I had lived with depression for ten years, been to lots of other therapists, and just started to assume it was something I’d have for the rest of my life. Then a friend of mine sent me a link to the Mother Wound Project that talked about how depression can really be a symptom of the mother wound. I was miserable so I decided to do sessions with Stephi as a last ditch effort to deal with my depression. Let me just say that it now makes total sense why the other therapists hadn’t been able to help my depression. It was 100% grounded in my difficult relationship with my mom that I had been in denial about since I was a teen! Today my life is so much better. The depression is finally gone and I haven’t had a need for therapy since doing mother wound work with Stephi 3 years ago.”

“I was referred to Stephi by my previous therapist when she realized after seeing me for several months that my depression and eating disorder stemmed from my mother wound. Before that, I’d only ever worked with therapists in person, and I’d definitely never worked with one who specialized in the mother wound. Part of me was worried Stephi wouldn’t be able to help me because I’d always thought of my mom as “not that bad.” But I wanted to get better so I made my first appointment. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. If you even think there’s a chance you could be suffering from the mother wound, get mother wound counseling! Because of Stephi’s support I have been able to recover from both my depression AND my eating disorder, two things I’d been suffering with for more than half my life. If I’d known those things were just manifestations of my mother wound I would have started there in the first place.”

“Stephi you’ve changed my life and also the lives of my children. Thanks to you my mother wound stops with me. Now my children get to grow up with a mother who knows how to give them the love and respect they deserve.”

“I’m writing to say thank you for helping me finally figure out why my mom has been so mean to me all these years and what I could do to move past it. I’m so grateful no to live with the confusion and anger anymore.”

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