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Put your stuff with your mom behind you

Your mom has been standing between you and your happiness for long enough. Today is a brand new day. It’s time to put yourself first. It’s time to heal your mother wound. It’s time to find your joy. 


My name is Stephi Wagner, MSW, and I'm so glad you're here. Just in case you haven’t heard about me, I’m the Founder and Executive Director of the Mother Wound Project, the creator of the Mother Wound Aware™ initiative for therapists and other mental health providers, the Program Lead of Breakthrough, and a therapist-turned-coach who has already helped thousands of people just like you make this dream of yours - a life joyfully lived beyond the baggage of your stuff with your mom - a reality. 


You know there is so much more to life than this pain you’ve been carrying around from your relationship with your mom. You’re tired of feeling angry with her, but you don't know how to move forward. Other people seem to get along with their moms, so what's wrong with you? 


You don't want to stay stuck, and you definitely don't want to dwell in the past. You want to be your relaxed, confident, authentic self. You need to put this stuff with your mom behind you for your children, your partner, your family, your friends and ultimately for YOU. 


Months or even years of therapy? You don't have that kind of time. All you need are the right tools and knowledgeable support that will help you transform your stuff with your mom from misery to mastery.


  • Teach you how your thoughts and expectations about your mom and your relationship with her are holding you back and keeping you stuck

  • Shift your perspective so you can tap into the opportunity for personal growth and self-actualization that the mother wound truly is 

  • Show you how to cure your anger, anxiety, self-hatred, guilt, and shame from the root up so you can stop chasing all the books and the years and years of therapy 

  • Give you the skills, tools and confidence you need right now to move forward in the direction that’s best for you 

  • Empower you to live your life with joyful purpose and peace no matter what your mom does (or doesn’t do) 


  • Eight weeks with me guiding you through your Rewire Roadmap that I custom-tailor to meet you where you are so your energy is spent exactly where it matters 

  • Eight personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with me by phone or Zoom, whichever you prefer, at a time that works for you

  • Messaging support from me via email and text between coaching sessions 

  • Actionable resources, exercises, and tools cultivated by me just for you that will challenge, inspire, and encourage you every step of the way

  • Lifetime access to the online private Resource Library

  • One full year of access to Breakthrough as well as the Workshop Archive 


Save time with personalized coaching that's right for you

Image by Ali Kazal


Take my proven Rewire Assessment to pinpoint your unique needs and personal recovery starting point. I will use this to create your customized Rewire Roadmap.

Communicate your way

Text, Chat, Phone, Video

Using a Touch Phone


Connect with me however you feel comfortable.

Support when you need it

Message me anytime, anywhere.

Schedule your live coaching sessions with me at times that work for you. Connect from your phone, tablet or computer.

Image by Estée Janssens


“It feels so good to be able to talk with an expert on the mother wound who actually gets what I’m going through with my mom. I’m receiving the best help, and that alone has brought me so much relief.”

— Aubree L.


“I live on the opposite side of the world. Will scheduling my sessions be challenging?”

It won't be difficult at all. I have worked with clients from 33 countries and counting, so scheduling around different time zones is something I’m really used to. I purposefully accept a limited number of Rewire clients as this allows me to create space in my calendar to be able to meet with you no matter what. I’ve never not been able to accommodate one of my clients. I even make it a priority to accommodate nap times and school hours so my clients who are busy parents can still meet with me. 


“How will we connect for my sessions?”

We will connect for your sessions over the phone or through Zoom, whichever you prefer. Because we are meeting virtually, you can attend your sessions from the comfort of wherever you are. I have met with busy clients from their homes, backyards, offices, cars, and even the airport. As long as we can hear each other, we’re all set! 


“I live nearby. Is it possible to meet with you in person for my sessions?”

No. Due to the coronavirus pandemic I am working with all of my clients virtually. While some do miss being in-person, all of my clients have expressed how much they appreciate the convenience of not needing to spend time in traffic and the cost-savings of no longer paying for parking. 


“Since you're a therapist, why is Rewire not therapy?”

I offer coaching because I want to give my clients more than just my time and a listening ear. I want to give them a strategic plan forward that brings lasting relief and results. While I know from my experience as a psychotherapist that ongoing therapy can certainly be helpful for many aspects of the mother wound, my experience has taught me that the strengths-based approach of coaching is best for people who want to recover the quickest from their mother wounds. 

“Will you bill or communicate with my insurance company?”

I will never share your personal information with your insurance company. This includes not contacting your insurance company for billing purposes. The only way your insurance company would allow me to bill them for your work with me is if I agreed to first label you with a mental illness (which they would then add to your permanent record), and that is not something I am willing to do. While some people certainly do benefit personally from receiving a mental illness diagnosis, the fact remains that we live in a culture that stigmatizes mental illness. While you and I can both understand that you should not be defined by the opinion of one therapist after one hour spent with them that you have a particular mental illness, this unfortunately is not understood by everyone out in the broader world. Once a mental health provider identifies you as having any diagnosis and shares that opinion (whether it is correct or not) with your insurance company, that information is now on your permanent record. And as you already know, it is not at all uncommon for a diagnosis of a mental illness (particularly the more stigmatized ones such as personality disorders) to be used against people in child custody cases, in divorces, and even in grandparent’s rights cases


“I’m currently in therapy for my mother wound. Should I continue even though I’m working with you now?”

That decision is a really personal one, and only you can know what’s best for you. What I can tell you is that the vast majority of my mother wound clients choose to work with me because conventional therapeutic approaches have been frustratingly unhelpful, time consuming, and ultimately ineffective, so continuing along those lines is not a good use of their time, energy, and money.

1650 USD

*Spaces are limited

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