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The Mother Wound Project was founded by Stephi Wagner, MSW in 2017. We are the world’s largest organization devoted entirely to serving the unique needs of people impacted by the mother wound and their families. Our community on Instagram is currently at 57,000+ members and counting!


In addition to our direct work with mother wound survivors, the Mother Wound Project also provides training and consultation to therapists and mental health professionals who support mother wound survivors.


Our Story

Even though the Mother Wound Project is a whole lot bigger today than it was in the beginning, the heart of it all has stayed exactly the same.


On a cozy Saturday in December, our founder Stephi Wagner, MSW woke up with an idea.


 What if she logged into her social media and did something different?


What if she put aside the "What will everyone think of me?" and shared openly and honestly everything she'd learned from her broken relationship with the one person everyone expected her to get along with – her mom?

What if she did the thing you're not supposed to do and owned the pain of being raised by an emotionally abusive mom, but more importantly the life-changing healing she had experienced?

What if she could help one person know they weren't alone and that healing the mother wound is possible?

From there, one person was helped.

Then 10.

Then 100.

Then 10's of thousands.


What started on that Saturday morning has since grown beyond what Stephi ever could have imagined.

Thank YOU for making it all possible and for being with us on this incredible journey!

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Donations to the Mother Wound Project are used to support our work and to offer need-based scholarships for our services and community.

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