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The Mother Wound Project is the world's largest and fastest growing organization devoted to serving the unique needs of mother wound survivors and their families, as well as providing training for the mental health professionals who support them. 


Our community on Instagram is the biggest gathering of people healing the mother wound anywhere. Come join us!

The Mother Wound Project is fueled by the power of lived experience. Every member of the MWP Team not only has the relevant training and experience in fields such as psychotherapy, psychology and program management but also personal experience with and demonstrated recovery from the mother wound themselves. 


Even though the Mother Wound Project is a whole lot bigger today than it was in the beginning, the heart of it all has stayed exactly the same.


Back in 2017 our Founder Stephi Wagner, MSW woke up on a cozy Saturday in December with an idea.


 What if she logged into her social media and did something different?


What if she put aside the "What will everyone think of me?" and shared openly and honestly with her friends, family and colleagues everything she'd learned - about her past, about her present, about family, about motherhood, about life itself - from her broken relationship with her picture-perfect mom?

What if she did the thing you're not supposed to do and owned in front of god and everyone not only the pain of her mother wound but more importantly the life-saving healing she had experienced?

What if she could help one person know they weren't alone, it wasn't their fault, and healing is possible?

One person was helped.

Then 10.

Then 100.

Then 10's of thousands.


What started on that Saturday morning has since grown beyond what Stephi ever could have imagined.


Within months Stephi had quickly become the go-to counselor for anything and everything difficult mom stuff and the Mother Wound Project became the home for mother wound survivors all across the world.


With her characteristic wit, straight-forward insight and truly limitless compassion Stephi empowers people to get unstuck from their stuff with their mom and create mother-adult child relationships that are healthy, connected and mutually fulfilling. 

Stephi bleeds maize and blue. A small town girl, Stephi always dreamed of attending the University of Michigan.


In 2005, she moved into her dorm room in Ann Arbor, where she went on to graduate not once but twice from the University of Michigan.


After graduating with her bachelors with honors she jumped into graduate school, completing several internships, studying under numerous leaders in the field and ultimately earning her MSW. 

In addition to serving as the Executive Director of the Mother Wound Project, Stephi consults with mental health professionals who want to better serve their mother wound clients and leads Breakthrough™, the one-of-a-kind online mother wound recovery program.


Stephi maintains a private practice where she sees individuals, couples, families, mother-child pairs and parents helping them solve the unique challenges with self-worth, mental health, relationships, parenting, conflict, sex, body image, career, and overall wellness for people and families impacted by the mother wound.

Breakthrough your mother wound!

Get the powerful insights and actionable tools you need to heal your mother wound all in one empowering program.​

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