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Mother Wound Aware™ Consulting

Helping you meet the unique needs of your mother wound clients and their families


Whether you are a mental health professional who is looking to specialize in the mother wound or you are simply noticing the sheer increase in clients coming through your doors looking for providers who are skilled in meeting the unique needs of mother wound survivors, I’m so glad you are here. Now more than ever we need psychologists, marriage and family therapists, counselors, social workers, and other healing professionals who are both knowledgeable in the mother wound and capable of providing the compassionate care these clients need. 


My name is Stephi Wagner, MSW, and I am the Executive Director, Founder, and Lead Educator of the Mother Wound Project, the largest organization devoted to mother wound awareness, education, community, and ultimately, recovery. In addition to this, I lead Breakthrough and also maintain a private practice where I specialize in serving individuals, families, and parents who have been impacted the mother wound. 


It was through my professional experience providing psychotherapy first as a generalist and eventually as “that therapist you refer people with mommy issues to” that I became intimately aware of the utter lack of effective support in our field for mother wound survivors and their families. This experience and the knowledge that came with it served as the catalyst for my creation of the Mother Wound Project and it continues to fuel my passion for equipping the mental health professionals who want to rise to the occasion and acquire the training they need to confidently and competently serve their mother wound clients. 



Payment guarantees counsulting with me and reserves space on my calendar. If the Support Level you wish to purchase is out of stock, please email my team to be added to my waitlist.

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