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It sounds like your relationship with your mom is in need of better boundaries. Even though you're definitely not alone in this, it can feel like you are because mommy issues are still a taboo topic (even though they shouldn't be!).

And now the good news...

There's a place where people just like you come together every day to learn and share about the mother wound and ultimately recover. And yes, boundaries with moms are talked about in this place like it's just another Tuesday.

What's the name of this place, you ask?

It's the Mother Wound Project Academy, the first and only mother wound recovery membership site!

And yes, you should join us because we created this supportive, healing space just for you! Some even better news for you... Members who join today receive access to everything for 50% off as long as they're a member.


To grab your spot, click here.


Introducing MWP Academy...

Mother Wound Recovery on Easy Mode


We help cycle breakers heal the mother wound so they can get unstuck and get back to what (and who!) really matters. We do this through our interactive workbooks, reflective journals, downloadable checklists and worksheets, live Q&As with Stephi, and our members-only community forum.


Mother Wound Counseling

Looking for a counselor who specializes in the mother wound that you can meet with from the comfort of your own home? Mother Wound Project founder Stephi Wagner, MSW sees individuals, families, couples, and mother-child pairs in her practice from all around the world. With Stephi’s highly sought-after expertise her clients achieve lasting mother wound recovery.

Resource Library

Looking for the most well-loved hub for all things mother wound resources on the interwebs? Good news! You found it, friend. Whether you’re looking to learn any and everything mother wound, snag a new read from our bookshelf, listen to our favorite podcast episodes, or get nerdy with us over in the research, it’s all here for you.


At the Mother Wound Project we are committed to improving the lives of mother wound survivors and their families. We do this by making mother wound recovery education and resources accessible and affordable so anyone who knows what it's like to carry pain or trauma from their relationship with their mom can get the help they need to live beyond the mother wound.


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