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Sending you so much love.❤️ It sounds like you do have the mother wound.

We get it. The mother wound is tough stuff. But here’s some good news: you are not alone. AND now for some even better news… Not only is healing the mother wound possible, it’s TRANSFORMATIVE! All you need is the right experienced and compassionate support.

Did you know that the Mother Wound Project was actually founded by a counselor who specializes in the mother wound?! It’s true! A graduate of the #1 program in her field, our founder Stephi Wagner, MSW’s mother wound expertise is changing lives. Learn about working with Stephi from the comfort of your own home by clicking here.


At the Mother Wound Project we are committed to improving the lives of mother wound survivors and their families. We do this by making mother wound recovery education and resources accessible and affordable so anyone who knows what it's like to carry pain or trauma from their relationship with their mom can get the help they need to live beyond the mother wound.


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